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SiteTran enables websites to easily utilize human professional translators by inserting a single snippet of Javascript into your website.

Simple, Free, Easy.

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Three Easy Steps

Sign up and insert the widget into into your HTML.

Begin translating directly on your website.

Your website now is multilingual.

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No programming required.

Works on any website.

Translate directly on your website.

Invite your own professional translators, translate yourself, or let us find the best translators for you.

Compatible with all search engines.

Have SEO friendly URLs that encode the language.

Customizable widget.

88 languages supported and counting.

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No monthly charges.

Simply paste our JavaScript in your web page.

Translate your site by double clicking on the

Then the translator chooses a language and doubleclicks on the text they want to translate.

SiteTran can be integrated into any framework that accepts JavaScript.

No additional changes required.

No engineering skills required.