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What charset should I use with SiteTran?


Add this HTML tag to the head of your HTML document.

If you see the pulldown has scrambled characters, your document needs the utf-8 tag.

How can I change where the pulldown is?

The easiest way is to just paste the snippet wherever you want it to be on you page. But, you can also use CSS.

CSS widget positioning methods

Can I remove the SiteTran icon near the widget?

Yes. It's just an ordinary image in the HTML that we give you. Feel free to change the width and height to make it smaller.

Or you can switch it with another icon.

If you want to remove it completely that's fine but then it might be difficult for your translators to doubleclick to turn on the translation mode, so you might want to keep it while translating.

Can I use the widget and translate in my sandbox or dev environment?

Yes. It will work fine.

How do I get the full benefits of SEO?

You need a new beautiful URLs for each language.

The best is to put the language as a sub domain like we do with our site.

This requires that you add those sub domains to your DNS server or use a wild card. For this use the following option in the code.

My new translations or changes aren't updating in the public website?

Go to the site manager and click the button called "Update The Public Translation Now".

If you don't want to do this each time you make a change and are happy with it, then click the checkbox to "Automatically update public translations on the live site" on the site manager page.

My language isn't showing up in the translation widget

In the SiteManager, make sure it is "Active" and "Public".

Also, make sure your translations are updating when you want them updated or just update it now by clicking the "Update The Public Translation Now" button on the Site Manager.