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Connect With Google Analytics
Connect With Google Analytics
Last updated: 2 months ago
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Steven Wise
CEO at SiteTran


How Can I Connect My SiteTran Widget With Google Analytics?

By connecting Google Analytics with your SiteTran Widget, you'll automatically send your website's language usage stats to Google Analytics in real time.

For the newest version of Google Analytics (Google Analytics 4)

sitetran.language_change_function = function(language_code){
    gtag("event", language_code, { event_category : "sitetran-language" });

If you’re still on the older version of GA you should replace the gtag line above with the ga code below.

ga("send", "event", "sitetran-language", language_code);

Note: SiteTran does not have access to your Google Analytics data, nor are we able to help with questions about the GA platform.

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