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Right Section - Context & Tools
Right Section - Context & Tools
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Michael Litvak
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Screenshot of right section of SiteTran's translation interface

The right section of the interface provides contextual information as well as tools that help you translate the selected phrase. 

Here you will find available machine translations, glossary terms (if existing), a "search across sites" feature, and Similar Phrases. 

Note: The output changes, depending on the phrase you have selected - what you're currently working on.

A. Machine Translation (MT)

This feature provides automatic translation, from our different Machine Translation Providers. You can use DeepL, Google Translate, or OpenAI's translations. 

Note: MT is best used for inspired, copy-paste cautiously. Machine translations can almost always be improved.

B. Glossary

The Glossary provides context for frequently used or industry-specific terms. Each original term (in grey) is accompanied by its translation (in blue) and a short definition (in green). Glossary terms should be translated consistently. Terms that are included in the glossary will be highlighted in green within the translation interface to better highlight it.

C. Search Across Sites

This features allows you to search for an original phrase across all connected projects/sites, to find how things were translated in the past. Use the cumulative experience of your team to find the right translation. If you want to search for phrases within a project, use the Search in Page feature in the navigation menu instead.

D. Similar Phrases

If a similar phrase has already been translated, you will find it here. Use Similar Phrases to maintain a consistent and unified form across all your translations. The text highlighted in green is the part that's identical to the phrase you have selected. The text between the two red lines highlights a difference between your selected phrase and the similar phrase in question. You can click on the Phrase ID above a similar phrase to navigate to that specific phrase (if the Phrase ID is not clickable, that phrase has been deleted). The more translations you have in your project, the more similar phrases will appear.

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