Good Translation Practices
Last updated: 7 months ago
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Michael Litvak
Translator Liason at SiteTran


  • Download a spell checking browser extension, such as LanguageTool. It will underline errors and will make helpful suggestions.
  • Review your translations directly on the website or Page Doc. It’s the best way to validate the end result of your translations. Use ( Ctrl / ⌘ + f ) to search for a phrase on the site you are translating.
  • Make sure to start by translating the glossary first. If the glossary has already been translated, start by carefully reviewing it. This will get you acquainted with some of the site’s terminology, and maybe find some glossary translations to improve.
  • Use the similar phrases feature! It’s so convenient to have a list of previously translated content.
  • If present, pay attention to phrase notes. They are there to provide you with helpful information. You can always make a note suggestion to help all languages, try writing it in the chat
  • Use shortcuts - It will make you more efficient
  • Research - Anything and everything. If you need to translate an industry specific term, check out how the leaders in the field translated it on their websites.
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