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Integrate WordPress with SiteTran
Integrate WordPress with SiteTran
Last updated: 5 months ago
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David Peterman
Developer at SiteTran


Below is a step-by-step guide for integrating SiteTran with your WordPress website.

We show you how to add the SiteTran Plugin to to your Wordpress site, and connect the plugin with your account in SiteTran (authentication).

Add the SiteTran Plugin

1) Navigate to the "Add Plugins" page

Open your WordPress admin dashboard. Inside the admin menu, find "Plugins", and click on "Add New Plugin".

Add new plugin

2) Search for "sitetran"

Search for SiteTran

3) Install SiteTran

Click "Install Now". This will add the SiteTran plugin to your WordPress site.

Install SiteTran

4) Activate SiteTran

Click "Activate".

Activate SiteTran

Authenticate with SiteTran

1) Navigate to the SiteTran Plugin page

Click on the new "SiteTran" button inside your WordPress Admin menu.

Click on SiteTran to go to SiteTran plugin admin page

2) Complete the setup

Enter your authentication key in the SiteTran plugin admin page, which links your SiteTran account to your WordPress site.

Here are some quick instructions on generating your Auth Key.

Enter your authentication key
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