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How Do I Populate SiteTran With My Website's Content?
How Do I Populate SiteTran With My Website's Content?
Last updated: 4 months ago
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Steven Wise
CEO at SiteTran


Sending your website's phrases to SiteTran is super easy, and we provide a few ways of doing it. If translating your website, phrase discovery is the best way of getting your phrases added to SiteTran.

Phrase Discovery

The SiteTran Widget's Phrase Discovery feature automatically sends your website's content to SiteTran as soon as you integrate and change languages. It's the best way to populate SiteTran with your website's phrases. When new or untranslated content is detected, the widget sends those phrases to SiteTran where they are added and made available for translators/machine translation.

For phrases to get discovered in the language dropdown on your site, change to any language other than your site's default language, and then navigate to the pages on your website that have content that should be added. You'll see the content in SiteTran and your AI translations will get processed shortly after that.

Once your phrases are in SiteTran, translated, and approved, they will be visible to your international website visitors. It could take a minute or two to see them appear.

Note: For high traffic websites that have greater security concerns, it's important to note that Public Phrase Discovery could risk unwanted phrases being added to SiteTran, for example text containing PII. In these instances, we highly suggest that you use our Verified Phrase Discovery feature, which allows permitted teammates to send specific phrases to SiteTran.

Page Doc

If you want to translate a document, or some content that isn't on the web, you can copy-paste your document into our Page Doc feature which will retain the styling of the document, even after it's translated.

Find the Page Doc feature in 'Pages & Phrases' by clicking the 'Add New Page' button. This will create a translatable document on SiteTran. You can use the editor, or click Edit Raw HTML to add or directly manipulate the HTML of your Page Doc.

If the phrases in your Page Doc match exactly what's found in the HTML of your website, including the [ leading] and [trailing ] space, then those phrases can also be used to translate content on your website.

Note: if you're adding documents or content that doesn't appear on your website, we recommend creating a new site in SiteTran to keep things organized, and to reduce the size of the translation data needed on your site.

URL Scraper

While you *can* use the URL scraping tool to get phrases off your site and into SiteTran, as with all scrapers you won't be able to access pages behind a login screen, and it will be unreliable due to various anti-scraping measures employed by most sites.

The phrase Phrase Discovery tool mentioned above is the recommended way of sending your phrases to SiteTran.

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