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Left Section - Phrase & Page Details
Left Section - Phrase & Page Details
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Screenshot of the left section of SiteTran's interface

A. Phrase Details

A1. Tells you how many exact copies of this phrase exist. If There are more than one, a link to each of the phrases will be provided.

A2. Every Phrase has a unique, Phrase ID.

A3. Indicates when the phrase was seen last in Phrase Discovery. If a Phrase was not seen for a while, either no user with Phrase Discovery has been on this page for a long time, or the phrase is not online anymore. 

A4. Added date shows when a phrase was added to SiteTran

A5. Phrase to Page ID: the referential ID of a phrase in a specific page. Clicking on the Phrase to Page ID, will open the chosen phrase inside the correlating page in a new window, so that you can see what phrases trail and follow it.

A6. Gives you the HTML tag/attribute of the phrase on the site.

A7. Tells you by whom the phrase was translated by.

A8. Tells you by whom the phrase was approved by.

A9. Shows you a screenshot of the phrase from the website. Screenshot is uploaded by Site Manager.

A10. Each phrase has its own messenger. You and your colleagues can leave messages here and discuss the phrase and how best to translate it, as well as point out issues with it etc.

B. Page details

B1. Page Name: The name of the page the phrase is on. You can choose different pages in the Page Dropdown Menu.

B2. Each page has a unique Page ID. Click on the Page ID, to open the translation interface on that specific page.

B3. Link to the source webpage, or page-doc, from which the phrase was extracted. Click on it to see the source page, where you can change between languages and see how your translations look live.

B4. Page notes are notes for the whole page, and not just the phrase.

C. This is the phrase history. To learn all about it, check out this article.

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