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Navigating SiteTran Using the URL Bar
Navigating SiteTran Using the URL Bar
Last updated: 5 months ago
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Michael Litvak
Translator Liason at SiteTran


Instead of using the Navigation Menu, you could navigate the interface by changing the URL manually. To do so, you will need to remember the site, page, and, or phrase-to-page IDs you want to navigate to.

Here is an example of a SiteTran link and how we can break it down.

  1. Link to Sitetran’s Translation interface. Everything that comes after the Question mark are URL Parameters that can be manipulated for the purpose of navigation. You can find those parameters in the left section of the translation interface
  2. Site ID - Each project has its unique Site ID. Changing the Site ID lets you change between projects.
  3. Page ID - each page inside a project has its unique page ID. Changing the Page ID lets you change between pages.
  4. Language code - If you work with multiple language pairs, you can change between languages by changing the two-letter language code. See list of ISO 639-1 language codes here.

    Important: some projects are language and country-specific. In such cases, you will need to input not only the two-lettered language code, but also the capitalized two-lettered country code divided by a Hyphen. Exp.: language_code=pt-BR (pt=Portuguese; BR=Brazil)

  5. Phrase to page ID - Unique ID that takes you to a specific phrase, on a specific page. It dictates which phrase is chosen on the interface.
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