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How do I Customize my Multilingual View?
How do I Customize my Multilingual View?
Last updated: 4 months ago
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Michael Litvak
Translator Liason at SiteTran


The Multilingual View allows you to see how a selected phrase was translated into other languages.

You need to have the Multilingual View activated, and then when you click on a phrase, the Multilingual View will appear underneath your selected phrase:

Screenshot of Multilingual View

You can activate (open and close) the Multilingual View by clicking on the blue Multilingual View icon (1)

Once the Multilingual View window is open, you can drag on the bottom of the frame to increase/decrease its height (2). If you are invited to other languages, you can access them by clicking on the edit button (3).

Click on Settings (4) in the upper right corner to choose which languages are shown by selecting them in the checkbox. You can also reorder the languages by dragging and dropping them in your preferred order.

gif of how multi language settings work
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